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Consulting Services

Rocky Mountain Paleontology has been providing paleontological consulting services throughout the western United States since 1995.  We provide all aspects of paleontological assessment and analysis.  Our goal is to help our clients obtain their paleontological clearances and permits and achieve their project objectives in a timely and cost effective fashion.  We utilize best practices in paleontological resource management to assess and mitigate adverse impacts to paleontological resources while meeting regulatory requirements.  Drawing on the expertise of a network of scientists, museum professionals, and technical specialists, Rocky Mountain Paleontology combines extensive experience with innovative, common sense, and cost effective strategies for the assessment, management, mitigation and conservation of paleontological resources. 

Rocky Mountain Paleontology...
  • Is fully permitted
  • Is fully insured
  • Maintains repository agreements with major regional museums
  • Provides expertise with government regulations and compliance standards
  • Conducts investigations without interrupting project schedules
  • Has a reputation for prompt preparation of reports and other deliverables
  • Promotes education and research in paleontology and the earth sciences

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